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AJIS TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-866-507-5255

The Court uses an automated telephone system to inform jurors of their status and to provide reporting instructions. You will need to have your summons with you when you call. The automated system will ask you to enter your participant number, which is the nine-digit number located just above your name and address on your summons. Our automated system also provides a computer generated courtesy reminder call, so please provide your telephone number on the questionnaire you return to the court so we may contact you, as needed.

You will be instructed to call after 4:00 pm on the Friday before you are summoned. If you are scheduled to appear on a Monday, you may call after 4:00 pm on Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday. The call is free and can be dialed from any location. The recorded message will instruct you the date and time you should report to the courthouse. If you do not have to report, the recorded message will instruct you to call again with a specific date and time. You will continue to call for instructions as directed for the month you are on call.

To receive information regarding the status of your request for postponement or excuse, call the AJIS phone number at 1-866-507-5255.

Cases can be settled or dismissed shortly before trial, so it is imperative that you call the automated system, because YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF YOU REPORT FOR JURY DUTY AND THE AUTOMATED MESSAGE STATED YOU SHOULD NOT APPEAR.

Do not call the automated system after you have been selected to serve as an actual or prospective juror in a case in progress. The Judge presiding at the trial or the courtroom clerk will give you instructions as to when you are to return to court until that trial is completed.