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  • How does an attorney request a replacement Admission Certificate from the court?

    The cost for a replacement Admission Certificate is $21.00. The request should be made in writing and include the attorney's name, address to return the document, and check made payable to Clerk of Court. Mail the requests to either the East St. Louis Clerk's Office or Benton Clerk's Office.

  • How does an attorney request a Certificate of Good Standing from the court?

    1. Login to NexGen CM/ECF through Pacer for the United States District Court Southern District of Illinois
    2. Click on the Civil menu item
    3. Click on the Certificate of Good Standing link under the Good Standing section
    4. Follow the instructions indicated within CM/ECF

  • How do I request an Apostille?

    An apostille is a certificate issued by the clerk’s office under the 1981 Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. It is the vehicle by which documents of one country are authenticated for use in another country. The apostille serves as a certification by the clerk or deputy clerk that the last signature on the document or record is genuine and that any seal is the seal of the court. Click here for further information on how to obtain an Apostille.

  • How does an attorney become Generally Admitted to the Southern District of Illinois?

    Click here to visit our Attorney Admission page for instructions.