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Mileage & Attendance

Jurors will receive a $50.00 per day attendance fee and $0.67 per mile for travel to the courthouse and return. Attendance payment checks will be mailed to jurors within one month of service.

If the distance a juror travels to the courthouse is more than 60 miles, the juror is authorized to travel the evening before. The juror will receive a subsistence fee up to $214 per stay for the East St. Louis courthouse, and up to $166 per stay for the Benton courthouse.

At the end of the tax year, a Form 1099 will be sent to those jurors who have received $600 or more in attendance fees. The Form 1099 will be received by January 31st. Questions regarding taxability of attendance fees should be referred to a qualified tax advisor.

Attendance Certificates

Jurors will receive an attendance certificate for each day the individual reports for jury service.

Failure to Report for Jury Service

Jurors who fail to report and who are not excused may be served a show cause order by the U.S. Marshal. Contempt penalties can range from a $1,000 fine to three days imprisonment, or both.

Request for Excuse

Grounds for permanent excuse are self explanatory on the questionnaire. All requests for excuse due to health must be accompanied by a statement from your physician. Please attach all correspondence to your questionnaire. Requests will be granted or denied within three weeks of receipt. All requests for excuse must be in writing. You may call the 866 number on your summons for the status of your request.