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Information For Jurors

There is no service more valuable in support of our democratic government than good faith performance of jury duty by a citizen. Serving as a juror is both a privilege and a responsibility. We extend our sincere appreciation for your jury service.

Click here to view the full Letter to Jurors from the Chief Judge. Click here to view our juror orientation videos.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois is comprised of two courthouses and summons jurors by random selection of registered voters from 38 neighboring counties. Please review the summons to identify the courthouse to which you should appear. If you have questions regarding the courthouse for which you were summoned, view  the Division of Counties map on this website, or contact the Jury Administrator at (618) 482-9148.

Public Notice Concerning
Jury Selection

Reporting For Jury Duty

Please review important information regarding building entry prior to arrival.

The court uses an automated telephone system to inform jurors of their status and to provide reporting instructions. The Automated Jury Information Service number is 1-866-507-5255. You will need to have your summons in hand when you call.

Jury duty can begin early in the day in our court and it is important that you report on time. Bring a magazine, book or other item, for occasional delays. The selection process averages about three hours. If you are not selected for jury duty, you will be permitted to leave after the selection process. If you are selected, you may be required to remain at the courthouse for the full day.

Please be prepared to remain at the courthouse for the full day. Make arrangements for car pooling, babysitting, business appointments, child care, and other personal business in advance.